Introduction: What is Prismafire Studio?

Introduction: What is Prismafire Studio?

Hello everyone! Thank you for checking out my website! I’m Nessy, the artist and entrepreneur behind Prismafire Studio, a small business located in central Minnesota. My goal with Prismafire is to give an outlet to my many creative endeavors and to bring color and joy to as many people as I can through the many handcrafted items I create.

I got my start as a craft seller in college when I would table at the local anime and nerd conventions selling art prints, buttons and later, hand-knit beanies. It was the beanies that caused my business to really take off, and my Pride Beanies have been an important staple of my shop since 2018.

An important theme throughout much of my work is the affirmation of LGBTQIA+ identities. As a queer person myself, it is very important to me to support my fellow LGBT+ folks in the many unique struggles they face and champion and celebrate their self-discovery and expression. The very name of my studio pays homage to this. “Prisma-” like “prism” and the rainbow of light it refracts, imbued with the dynamism of the “fire” of passion, advocacy and creativity. Some of the greatest moments of my time as a creator have been hearing from patrons how a piece spoke to them and make them feel seen and included. I want to pass on the confidence and joy that I now feel in my queer identity that it took me most of my adult life so far to reach.

Additionally, mental health advocacy is something that is also important to me. My own mental health journey has been long and winding, and as someone who was only diagnosed with ADHD as an adult, I know what its like to feel like things aren’t quite right but not knowing how to explain yourself to others or feeling like you’re just ‘abnormal’ or a ‘failure.’ I want to do what I can to spread awareness and advocacy for those with mental illness and neurodivergence to help destigmatize these issues for people now and in the future.

One way that I have found a sense of belonging in my queerness and my neurodivergence is through their intersection with fandom communities, those that bond over being fans of certain shows, games or other nerdy delights. Anime and gaming have been a large part of my interests growing up and I got my start as a business person tabling at artist alleys for various anime and nerd conventions. Some of my work constitutes as fanart and thought they have their quirks, I think fandom communities are a wonderful way to forge connections with people, many of which last a lifetime.

But my work is not just meant only for the LGBT+, neurodivergent, and fandom communities; I hope that all kinds of people can appreciate the dedication to self-affirmation, kindness, and the sharing of joy that form the core values of my work. I feature many cute, colorful and sometimes humorous items simply because those are the kinds of things that make me happy.

I now work with fiber art, candle making, jewelry making, button pressing, illustration, and a few more crafts here and there. I sell my work both online and at in-person artist alleys and craft shows throughout the state of Minnesota and soon, throughout the Midwest. I have shipped orders to over 35 states of the US and to 3 foreign countries. As of 2021, this is my full-time job, and I’m excited to see where it takes me.

To all of my supporters, helpers, and patrons, thank you so much for enabling me to pursue this path for myself. The independence and self-expression I have found have been truly amazing.

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