Meet the Artist

Hey there! I'm Nessy, the business owner and artist behind Prismafire Studio. I have had a lifelong passion for craft and creativity and now I have dedicated my livelihood to passing that passion on to you. I got my start as a seller in the Artist Alleys of Anime Conventions when I was in college and fell in love with the scene. Now I do all kinds of sales, from Fandom Conventions, to Pride Festivals to small town Craft Fairs and more. At the heart of my work at Prismafire is the desire to uplift and bring joy. Whether that is through the broad appeal of my many cute and colorful items, or through my work dedicated to smaller communities, such as the LGBT+ or Neurodiverse communities, I hope that my work can bring people together and make people feel seen. To read more about how my identity influences my art, you can read this blog post.

At this point it seems as if its not so much a question of what crafts have I tried, but what crafts haven't I tried? Throughout the years I have dabbled in everything from knitting, candle-making, beadwork, clay-craft, jewelry-making, resin art, dice-making, papercraft, metalworking, carpentry, traditional, digital illustration and probably a bunch of other things I forgot to mention. Some have been incorporated into the work I do for Prismafire, some are just for me, and some are part of the past now. 

When I am not crafting my heart out I enjoy playing video games, reading sci-fi and fantasy novels (and trying my hand at writing my own,) playing Tabletop RPGs with my friends, micromanaging my freshwater aquarium and being endlessly obsessed with my cat. 

Meet the Assistant

Hazel is a sweet n' sassy one-year old calico I adopted as a kitten. She can often be found cuddled up in her "nook"--a cat bed laid out in one of the alcoves of my desk hutch--while I work, or (un)helpfully pushing my supplies off of tables. My entire life I thought I was a dog-person and then I decided to adopt one kitten, and everything else was history. Prismafire features a signficant collection of cat-themed items and this little bundle of fur may be why... You may see Hazel make appearances for Saturday Caturday on my Instagram and all Prismafire orders also receive a small Hazel-themed freebie. The cutest of gremlins, my life has been greatly enriched since she came into it.