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Vampire the Masquerade Clan Buttons

Vampire the Masquerade Clan Buttons

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Those who play Vampire the Masquerade know that there is a lot to love about the game's many vampire clans, but more likely than not have a particular favorite. Maybe its a clan that you have experience roleplaying as, or maybe its just the clan with the coolest set of Disciplines.

Tell the world which is your favorite with these hand-pressed 2.25-inch pinback buttons with the phrase "Local [vampire clan] Enthusiast" featuring each clan's V5 symbol on a unique color background. Grab one for yourself, or maybe you want to grab a little something for the members of your TTRPG coterie or VtM loving friend group. If there are just too many to love, an alternate "Local Vampire the Masquerade Enthusiast" Button is also available.

Designs sold as is, send me a message for personalization options.

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